Three Hendersonville TN Restaurants You Can Visit Next

There is a half of a metropolis over by Old Hickory Lake that awaits you with all kinds of great restaurant picks. Stop on by some of Hendersonville, Tennessee’s top establishments. Dine with the locals, learn the culture, visit some attractions and have a blast. Are you on vacation, or has something else brought you to Hendersonville TN? Whatever the case may be, the following are three restaurants in Hendersonville that you might want to visit.

The Lost Cajun is located on North Anderson Lane, and you’re talking delicious red beans and rice, lobster bisque and so much more. Catfish also makes the menu highlights, and you know they serve up some hush puppies. Those can sometimes be the best part. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch, but hush puppies and tartar sauce is delicious. Catfish to me has to be cooked the right way.

NY Pie is a pizza place in Hendersonville near the top of the list of best restaurants. You can tell already that they serve up NY style pizza there. It is on Indian Lake Boulevard, and you can enjoy cannoli, garlic knots and more. It is the pizza that has my attention though, but salads and other things are also on the menu at NY Pie. I would also want to know if they had wings.

Center Point Pit Barbecue is where you go for barbecue in Hendersonville. The sign looks antique, and it reminds me of a barbecue place in Texas. I’m not sure whether I would go to the barbecue place or the pizza place first. I had to scroll up to remember what the first restaurant was at this point. The last two were just so good. I suppose I would go for NY pizza first, but that barbecue sounds mouth watering, too.

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